Anglican Nuts and Bolts – Christmas Message

Christmas Message from the December 24 bulletin

Christmas is a story about all of us receiving that which we most want and need; Love – deep, strong, unconditional love.

The gift at Christmas isn’t just the gift of a baby to Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the Wise Men. It isn’t just a story about Joseph and Mary being entrusted by God with the awesome responsibility of caring for God’s Son.
The Christmas story is about how God so loved – and loves – us, that he asks us to be partners in loving the world.

Let us take the time, the opportunity and the caring to re-kindle friendships and close ties with those with whom we have lost touch, with those who need our love and support and our caring. God calls us to respond in love to all people. Mary and Joseph made a loving home for the Word, for Jesus. Will we?